Whatcha doing?

Let us start in the here and now, for there's hardly a more interesting moment around. At the moment I'm living and working in (and loving the heck out of) Bali, Indonesia. There, I am surrounded, as often as possible, by my beautiful wife Ellis. We've been traveling the world on what we call our never-ending honeymoon for the last 2,5 years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Though, nowadays, who knows?

That's us! In Nesu Penida, Indonesia.
That's us! In Nesu Penida, Indonesia.

A short jab at a life story

These are the two most embarassing photo's you can find of me online (don't search) just so that's out of the way.

I was playing a dead mayor...
I was playing a dead mayor...
Being a city guide with a flag to follow.
Being a city guide with a flag to follow.

It was a sunny Monday, April 24th, 1989, around 10 o'clock in the morning and nothing happened. Well, not nothing. I was born. In the 31 years that followed, I did what most people do for the longest time. I went to school, then another school, and finally, to shake things up, a bigger school where I learned – well, digital things. At that time, the internet was still pretty new and exciting. It was a time of pioneers and the breaking of new ground. All I did was be one of the first to get a Gmail-account.

After that I did what most people don't – I left home and traveled the world with my new wife. It was all her idea. In that time we went around and helped charities all over and met some amazing people. I wish it would never stop, that time, so I think I won't let it.

Freelance Creative Writer & Designer

Somewhere along the road that is my life I started writing and designing. The first thing I wrote was an awful poem that I composed early one Saturday morning in my father's house. Designing came much later when we got a computer and I was left alone long enough to join a forum where people designed something called signatures, but not the things you put below a contract. I got very jealous and wanted to join in, so I downloaded Photoshop (totally legal) and got started.

Fifteen years later I'm still doing it, both.

Now, someone once said: 'I didn't know you could do both, professionally." Up until then, I hadn't considered you couldn't, really. For me it's the perfect combination — I write the words and then make that message pop. Also, it saves me from filling designs with that lorem ipsum nonsense. Is there anyone who can look past that? I surely can't.

Well, that's me.

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