Canadian Walk

A Walk to Remember

In collaboration with Internetbureau Max

On April 17th, 1945, Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands, was liberated by Canadian soldiers.

None of the stories you know about the Second World War mention this small town in the east, though nearby Arnhem is well-known as the battleground for Operation Market Garden. However, many impressive stories can be found in Apeldoorn. To celebrate 75 years of freedom, I was asked, as part of the team at Internetbureau Max, to create an epic audio tour showcasing the city's liberation.

The resulting Canadian Walk is an immersive tour visiting the places where Canadian soldiers, citizens, and the Dutch resistance fought for freedom all those years ago. I wrote the entire script, assisted in the audio production, and helped create marketing campaigns.

Tiles mark the entire route of the Canadian Walk – 2.5 kilometres in total.
Tiles mark the entire route of the Canadian Walk – 2.5 kilometres in total.


Old story, modern technique

The Canadian Walk can be enjoyed using the standalone app. Download it, go to the start point and scan the first QR-code. From there, you will be immersed in the story of more than 20 Canadian veterans and a handful of Dutch citizens.

See, touch and hear

To drive home the terrific tales included in the Canadian Walk, there are pillars like the one you see here showcasing props from the war.

Imagine listening to the story of Dutch resistance members being brutally murdered and spread throughout the town with a sign saying 'Terrorist' and seeing that sign in real life at the same time.

That's immersive storytelling taken to the next level.



If you're ever in town, walk the Canadian Walk in Apeldoorn.